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It has been some time since PowerBuilder was on top of the world, with human resource managers constantly on the prowl for developers with PB skills. With a new and exciting PowerBuilder 9 integrated development environment, could this be the time for a PowerBuilder renaissance? Sybase threw the doors open with PowerBuilder 9, and all indications are that they are charging ahead to make PowerBuilder the first "4GL+" and again the primary tool of choice for developers everywhere. Sybase has taken the first step; now all that is left for us to do is leverage the new features of PowerBuilder 9 and show just how rich and productive PowerBuilder developers can be. Are you ready? Here are my top nine reasons for moving to PowerBuilder 9. #1 - PowerBuilder Native Interface PowerBuilder Native Interface (PBNI) allows you to write extension libraries and access them inside Po... (more)

Eight Reasons to Upgrade to PowerBuilder 8

If you're using PowerBuilder 6 or 7 for new development, you should really be using PB 8. It's the fastest way to build a new client/server application or move PowerBuilder business logic to a distributed n-tier environment. Sybase has added many great features to enhance productivity and ease of use for n-tier and client/server development. Why do things the old way when the new way will improve productivity, and save time and money? Here are eight great reasons why your shop should move to PowerBuilder 8: 1.   Multiple application access You can easily cut and paste from one appli... (more)

NVOs and NVCs software developers we thrive on adaptations. A large part of our present and future work is and will be simply morphing or adapting our previous efforts or the efforts of others before us. Sometimes we need to reassemble pieces when an application needs maintenance and other times we bring pieces from our past and get to enjoy the creative thrill of new application development. Many things in our environment constantly change. When PowerBuilder first came into being, many of the TLAs (three-letter acronyms) we constantly toss around today didn't even exist. Whil... (more)

What's New in PowerBuilder?

At TechWave 2002, I was able to catch up with Dave Fish, Sybase PowerBuilder Evangelist, and ask him a few questions. I hope you find his responses as interesting as I did. Q: What is the current state of PowerBuilder? A: Many organizations who thought that Java was the holy grail of development languages are finding out that it hasn't lived up to its marketing. They're looking at other tools to allow them to meet their business goals (on-time/on-budget development) and PowerBuilder is one of their choices. PowerBuilder developers are much more productive than their Java counterpa... (more)

Web Load Test

Do you ever wonder, after making a really cool JSP, PowerDynamo, or ASP page, just how much of a resource load will result? How many concurrent calls will max out the CPU on the servers? Wouldn't it be great if you could find out before the QA people start bashing on it? Wouldn't it be nice to avoid ordering a pizza and staying until the page is fixed? If you're tired of unwanted surprises caused by pages that don't scale correctly, build a tool that allows you to avoid the problem. This article will show you how to build you own Web load testing tool. I'll provide an overview of... (more)